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Photo by: Sonia Malfa


Appointments opens monthly. If you do not see any availability, it means it is booked at the moment.  It does not mean it is closed until the next month.  It will appear if an appointment becomes available.  Continue to check frequently.  We do not have a waitlist.


Dates and time for new month booking is listed below and will be up to date.

JULY Appointments with Mona opens

JUNE 13 , Monday at 7pm

The Mona Cut®

with Mona Baltazar


+ tax

The Mona Cut works with your hair’s natural texture and motion in order to enhance the beauty that’s already there. Strong but fluid, the goal is to create shapes that suit your lifestyle and reflect your journey.  Haircut includes wash, style, dry and refinement.

Applies to New Clients and Returning Clients who haven't had a HairCut in (4 months or more exclusively with Mona)


9 years old and up only.

Services are minimum 2 hours 

The Mona Quarterly Cut 

exclusively with Mona Baltazar

Quarterly Clients*


+ tax

When you commit to quarterly cuts, you dedicate the time and growth your curls need in order to fully flourish.  Quarterly price is exclusively offered for those who continue to see Mona. 

Applies to Returning Clients exclusively who've had a haircut in 4 months or less with Mona Baltazar**

9 years old and up only.

Services are minimum 2 hours 

prices are subject to change*

Late Fee    $50                 Hair Prep Fee     $50



June 20, Monday at 7PM 

prices are subject to change*

The Mona Cut® Debut
with Steven


+ tax

The Mona Cut® Debut level is an introduction to helping you begin your journey to creating a better silhouette and shapes to your curls.  Welcoming all textures and all curl patterns.  

Services includes cut, wash, style, dry and refinement.

9 years old and up only

Services are minimum 2 hours 

Wash and Style

with Steven or Bee


Includes, cleanse, condition, dry and styled

You may add any add on treatment with your

wash and style. 

*No need for a hair prep.

Add Ons

Olaplex, Scalp Treatment, Detox or Moisture Treatments

$80 - 100

+ tax

*tax not included


prices are subject to change*

Olaplex Treatment Add On


Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair that were broken down during services that required the use of heat styling tools and chemicals.  It maintains and restores for stronger and healthier hair.  If your hair is overly distress from intense heat damage, in the process of transitioning and hard to manage, for fine hair that needs help retaining length, protection when blow drying hair.  Its a great treatment for all hair situation. Treatment only, does not include take home #3, available for purchase.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment Add On


Dermabrasion Treatment is an anti-aging treatment to help regenerate and revitalize scalp skin through exfoliation acting like a facial for the scalp. It removes build-up on the scalp to restore it to a good condition. Helps accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin.  It's a wonderful service after your protective styles, braids, cornrows, faux locs, crochets.  This helps rejuvenate the scalp, especially winter weather.

Detox Cleanse Treatment Add On


Detox Cleanse Treatment is to remove all build up from hair.  If you have not had a haircut for over 1 year or more, this is for you. This removes hard water, well water, product build ups, oils and all part of the environment that sticks on to the hair strand.  It restart your hair to help allow and seal back water in your hair creating moisturize hair.  Its best for clients who travel frequently, those who just moved to a new area, long over due clients, and those who mostly use protective styles.  Try this magical cleansing.

Moisture Therapy Treatment Add On


Extra Lovin' for the Curls intense moisture providing extra bounce, strength, and boost.  It will slowly restore hair elasticity, smoothness, manageability, detangling and repairing environmentally distressed hair.  Great for hair that has been neglected.

*tax not included

Only pick ONE treatments to book

_Creating Silhouette and Moving Shapes_


eGifts are now available to purchase.

eGifts are not available to use for booking your deposit online but can be use it at the suite. 


Gift Cards are available  at the suite. 


Please be advice, tax is not included on price listed.

*Note: All eGift or Gift Cards are non-refundable.


  • All hair color bookings must be requested via

  • Email a full detailed description of your color history for the last 3 years.

  • Current photos of your hair, must be clear, clean background and different angles

  • Photo inspirations

  • Colors are scheduled on selected Fridays.



Full Head      ----------  $550 and up*

Half Head     ----------  $425 - $485

Gloss             ----------  $185 -  $250

Single Process ----------  $195 -  $250

up to 3" of new growth 

Virgin Application  -- $425 - $550

no existing color in the hair/full head

Olaplex is highly recommended with your highlights

Olaplex Treatment w/ Color ---- $85 and up*

includes No. 3 take home bottle treatment.


* additional charge for extra product use base

on length and density.

** Tax not included in the prices.

*** All prices are subject to change.