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Come with Wash and Go.

  • For all New and Returning Clients

  • Set your hair in a wash and go. Products are allowed but avoid oily and heavy products.

  • Clarify, cleanse and detangle your hair.

  • Hair must be freshly washed at least 48 hours upon your appointment.

  • Hair must be all down and completely dry, allowing your hair to set naturally.

  • Do not pull, pin, tie or push hair down tight, this stretches the curls.

  • No hat or scarf hair, this flattens the hair. 

  • No hair in any kind of twist, braids or updo.

  • The hair prep ensures proper consultation with your stylist.  We want to make sure we can asses your hair properly.

  • There is an automatic $50 hair prep fee if this is not followed.

Color Hair Prep

  •  Arrive with your hair detoxed or clarified, product-free, and detangled at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Clarifying the hair will remove product build-up and mineral deposits which can impact the final result.  

We reserve the right to refuse services and will lose your appointment and deposit. 

For any questions, please email at

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