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Model Booking


The Mona Cut is debuting Apprentice Cut and Color Services! This is an opportunity for our newest staff members, Bee and Daysa, to have additional hands-on experience cutting and coloring while under the supervision of Mona. Also, clients booking apprentice appointments have an opportunity to save! This is a limited time offer. 


Digital images of clients’ final looks may be selected for inclusion in Bee and Daysa’s portfolios via social media and on The Mona Cut website. Clients booking this suite of services must remember that cuts and color are being performed by stylists who are still growing in their craft. Before booking apprentice services, clients will be asked to sign a release form. 

There is a model fee for the services being booked.  Once you fill out our request form, we can send you our model price list.  

All studio policies apply, see Policies page.

Available Dates for February 2023:



January 31, Tuesday         9am-4pm

February 1, Wednesday    9am-4pm

February 8, Wednesday    9am-4pm

February 14, Tuesday        9am-4pm

February 15, Wednesday  9am-4pm

February 28, Tuesday        9am-4pm

Color by Daysa

Cut by Bee

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