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Hair color

For color booking, we are currently taking request at this time. 

Email us at

Full Head  Highlights

  • No curl left behind! Heavy highlighting is achieved by applying highlights throughout the entire head - creating dimension and depth to contrast each kink, curl, coil and/or wave.  Gloss included.

       $425 - $600

Half Head Highlights

  • Color is applied throughout half of the head, enhancing movement, accenting shape, and heightening your crown’s glory. Whether you’re going for a sun-kissed look or refreshing your current highlights, this service is for you. Gloss included.

         $350 - $500

Mini Highlights

  • Color is applied to the front of the hair to delicately frame the face and highlight your features. This service is perfect for adding just a touch of color to adorn your crown’s natural beauty. Can add a little dimension on your single process. Gloss incuded.

        $200 - $300

Single  Process

  • Grown out roots? Bring cohesion to your crown by applying color to your root area. This service is for clients looking to blend new growth or cover emerging gray hairs. Gloss included. If your roots are longer than 3 inches, please book “New Color” 

        $175 - $225

Double  Process

  • Ready for a bleach blonde or platinum look? In this two-step process, the hair’s pigment is lifted to create a blank slate.  Gloss included.

       $350 - $500

Color  Correction

  • Box dye, botched color jobs (DIY or professional), henna lovers or just taking a new direction with your color processed hair? This service is booked on an hourly basis, and the appointment length is based on the stylist's assessment of your hair’s needs. 

      $175 per hour

New Color

  • Time for something new? This service is for clients coloring their hair for the first time and desiring a single color throughout the entire head. Also, book this if you’ve exceeded the 3-inch maximum on the “single process” service. Gloss included.

      $200 - $350


  • For first time client, must book a consultation before any color service is scheduled.  Email for more details.



  • This semi-permanent color application refreshes and tones color while adding shine. Please note this service does not lighten hair nor cover grays. This service is for clients looking to make existing color more vibrant.

        $125 - $150


Fashion Color

  • Through the process of lifting and then applying direct dyes to the hair, capture exotic colors – rainbow-inspired pastels and rich jewel tones - that make your crown stand out. 

       $60 - $100

Base Bump

  • This service reduces the contrast between highlights and base color, offering a softer look. Color is applied directly to the roots at the wash station to moderately lighten and blend existing base color with highlights. A base bump does not cover grays but will help to mask their appearance. A base bump is only applied up to 3 inches from the root area. 

       $85 - $150

Olaplex  Treatment with color

  • Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 bond strengthening treatments are applied to
    tresses during the coloring process to protect the integrity of the hair. This
    add-on is highly recommended when booking color services, especially for
    clients transitioning to blonde or platinum looks. Generally, this service is
    not needed if booking the “single process” service.


Wash  and Style

  • Full wash and style after your color service, this is if you are not scheduled for a haircut on the same day.  See color service policy.


Color Service Policies

  • Pricing may vary based on the client’s density, length and color history. Pricing reflects color services only. All color applications are finished under a hooded dryer, but services do not include a styled finish. All color appointments require an in-person or virtual consultation prior to performing the service. Color services will not be performed during the consultation and a follow-up appointment must be booked to do the recommended service. 

  • Consultation are upon request.  During the brief consultation, our stylist will assess the condition of your hair and partner with you to discuss and define your color goals. Clients receiving color services performed at The Mona Cut are required to sign a liability waiver. The Mona Cut has a strict cancellation policy of 72 hours and reserves the right to withhold service if the hair is not in the proper condition to be chemically processed. Please see the hair prep policy prior to booking your appointment.

Hair Prep for Color

  • If booking a color service, please arrive with your hair detoxed or clarified, product-free, and detangled at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Clarifying the hair will remove product build-up and mineral deposits which can impact the final result. 

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